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Buffaload Yomp Team raise £5,499 for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

The Cateran Yomp
L to R: Mark Ayres, Carl Webster, Greg Frankiewicz, Thomas Jackson, Aurimas Siaudvytis and Michael Cadman
The Cateran Yomp is a 52 mile yomp to raise money for ABF. The Soldiers’ Charity. The Buffaload team were Carl Webster, Michael Cadman, Thomas Jackson, Aurimas Siaudvytis and Greg Frankiewicz.

The route  The Yomp route starts in Blairgowrie which is an hour and a half north of Edinburgh and takes place in the heart of the Perthshire hills. It stretches from the high mountains of the Cairngorms National Park to the rolling farmland of Strathmore, and from the salmon rich waters of the River Tay to the footpaths and riding tracks of the Angus Glens.

The team  When Mike Cadman suggested that Buffaload should field a team in the Cateran Yomp back in March, there was immediate enthusiasm from everybody, but no-one could have predicted what an amazing adventure it would turn out to be! Nor could we have known how much fantastic support our friends, families and colleagues, our suppliers and customers would show by sponsoring the team to £5,499!

The weather  The weather was a beast in the weeks preceding and during the yomp. Cateran Yomp veterans claimed it was the worst terrain and weather they’d seen. Ten days of rain prior to the yomp had made the ground into thick mud. Of the 1,200 yompers who started, many were pulled out due to injuries. Sadly, top fundraiser Carl Webster took an injury just after Checkpoint 1. Walking laterally across a steep slope, Carl slipped and turned his ankle over, pulling the tendons. Cateran Yomp medics have very strict rules, and they take the electronic tag away from an injured person immediately, to stop them from trying to continue. (Because they do!)

Mike had problems with his feet but managed to win a Bronze medal and Jacko slipped and twisted his knee and decided to withdraw at the Silver medal checkpoint. The two that managed to get right to the 54 miles marker were Greg and Aurimas, who have come home with Gold medals.

The support  A shout out should also go to the support team who went up to Perthshire with them; Lesa Nicholson, Mark Ayres and Lesa’s husband Shaun. They had a sleepless night too, looking after our injured yompers and wondering where the other two were!

The money  The total money raised by all teams in the Yomp is over £300,000 with all money going to ABF the Soldiers Charity.


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